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The name of our farmhouse comes from the last name of a wellknown noble roman family, I Savelli. Traces of their existence can be tracked back to the Middle Age. A little street called “Vicolo Savelli” is still located in the centre of Rome , close to Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona.

Really influent between the XII and the XIII century, the Savelli family gave birth to two Popes: Onorio III, promoter of the fifth crusade, and Onorio IV, first to commission a life-size nativity scene.

During the Renaissance, the Savelli family struggled for power over Rome against other important families like the Orsini, Colonna and Borgia, which they ultimately lost. Defeated, they were forced to leave Rome and seek refugee away from the papal state in the nearby Granducato of Tuscany.

Since then and up to two generations ago the Savelli family lived here dedicating themselves to agriculture. The original building, recently restored, now houses the Agriturismo I SAVELLI.